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Our Values

Upcycling  |  Recycling  |  Charities
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"As a professional organizer, I understand the strong connection between professional organizing, upcycling, recycling, and charities. I firmly believe that small actions can make a significant impact on future generations.

I practice recycling and upcycling not only at home but also in my clients' spaces or businesses. Professional organizers assist their clients in decluttering and organizing their spaces, often encouraging them to donate unwanted items to charity. These donated items can then be upcycled or recycled by charities, either by transforming them into new products or selling them to raise funds.

Additionally, as a professional organizer, I educate my clients about sustainable practices such as recycling and upcycling, further promoting environmental awareness and social responsibility.

By integrating these practices, I can support both my clients' organizational goals and charitable initiatives while reducing waste and benefiting the community."

- Adrienn Nagy, Founder of Neat Elite Organizing

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